Friday, November 9, 2018

CommitCRM Knowledge Graph


Last September I attended GraphConnect 2018 in New York.  If you are not familiar with what graph databases or Neo4j is here's an excellent primer.

The first session I attended immediately got my wheels spinning.  The example use case  was a customer service ticketing/support platform and bring together data that is normally stuck in silos of many different systems (HR, CRM, ticketing, asset management, etc).  Hey, I've got that problem!

We have been using CommitCRM for several years.  It is serving as our CRM, and PSA tool to provide IT services and support for our clients.

But the challenge has always long been, how can we bring holistic views and queries together with CommitCRM and from other systems, but we don't have a native integration into CommitCRM?

Here's a few systems that are very relevant, but don't currently integrate into CommitCRM:
  • Active Directory (both ours, and our clients') users, contacts, groups, computer objects
  • Office365 / Azure (CSP subscriptions, mailboxes, and users)
  • VMware (VMs and hosts)
  • Check_MK (a Nagios monitoring platform we use)
  • Avast Managed Workplace RMM tool (formerly AVG Level Platforms) 
  • DNS
Enter Neo4j Graph database.  This data platform solves several problems for us.  It allows us to ingest data from several platforms.  It's wicked fast, and allows us to ask complex relationship questions about our data to help decision support.  This essentially becomes a hyper-flexible reporting database that lets us ask questions about our clients' environments.

Another benefit to this platform, is you instantly have a visualization tool you can use to explore your environment.

I will be posting more about my experience integrating CommitCRM and our other systems using Neo4j to created a connected enterprise