Saturday, October 23, 2021

Configuring Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) on Windows

Configuring Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) / Kettle community edition on Windows:

This short tutorial will focus on Setting up a PDI server to ingest data from RangerMSP into Neo4j.
You should first setup and configure a working Neo4j 4.x server (it can be on the same server).  

What you need to before you begin
System Requirements:

  • Prepare Windows for Install
  • Virtually all modern desktop/server OS are supported
  • JAVA x64 (OpenJDK/OracleJDK) 8.x
  • Neo4j Server, Developer or Desktop Edition
  • Pentaho 9.x Community Edition Download here
  • Be aware the latest neo4j DB (4.x) requires JAVA 11.  PDI requires 8, so you will need to install BOTH! 

  1. Verify the JAVA_HOME system variable.  For my installation I used the OpenJDK so the path was C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jre-

  2. Extract the archive into the folder you want to be your installation folder

  3. Navigate to the installation folder and run spoon.bat

  4. IF you see the _PENTAHO_JAVA variable point to a JAVA version other than 8 then prepend a proper path to the JAVA version 8 at the beginning of the spoon.bat:

    SET JAVA_HOME =C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jre-

  5. BE PATIENT.  It takes a little while to load.  After a moment you should see the Pentaho Data Integration splash screen:

    This will stay on the screen for a minute or so, and then the program will finish loading.
    If all went well you should now see the welcome screen:

  6. Ok - now we need some connectivity.  You want to query a Microsoft SQL Server database right?   Of course you do!  Why not?

    First Download the Microsoft JDBC driver for MS SQL Server.

    Extract the contents.

  7. Copy the mssql-jdbc.x.y.z.jre8.jar into the \lib folder of your PDI installation folder (assuming you are using JAVA JRE/JDK v8.  That's it!  next time you launch spoon it will have the SQL jdbc driver available.

    For some more data connectivity examples see the following:

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